Drone Didi Scheme 2024: Application Process, Eligibility and Check Benefits

Drone Didi Scheme:- On August 15, 2023, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort, highlighting the invaluable contributions of women across various sectors. He announced a new initiative aimed at creating two crore “Lakhpati Didis” or prosperous sisters in rural areas. The initiative entails training 15,000 female members of self-help groups to operate and maintain drones. Prime Minister Modi aims to empower women nationwide through this revolutionary scheme, which has received a cabinet approval of Rs. 1261 Cr. Stay tuned for further details on the Drone Didi Scheme.

What Is The Drone Didi Scheme 2024?

Honoring women’s contributions, PM Narendra Modi launched the Drone Didi scheme on November 30, 2023, specifically for women in self-help groups and agriculture. This creative technology will boost the agriculture sector and have positive impacts on other industries. As part of the Lakhpati Didi initiative, PM Modi introduced the Drone Didi Yojana 2023-24, providing 15,000 drones to female self-help groups over the next three years. This scheme aims to support women in enhancing their livelihoods through technology.

The Objective of Drone Didi Scheme

The main goal of this scheme is to empower women and make them financially independent. Through the Drone Didi scheme, 15,000 drones will be provided to women, enabling them to work and achieve financial independence. This initiative is expected to not only benefit the women involved but also contribute to the agriculture industry by encouraging more farmers to use drones. The Agriculture Minister expressed enthusiasm for the scheme, highlighting its positive impact on the capacity and livelihoods of women in self-help groups. He mentioned the adverse effects of pesticides, DAP, and urea on the body due to traditional field spraying methods. With the increased use of drones, these negative effects are expected to decrease, leading to a reduction in fertilizer usage.

Number of Beneficiaries under Drone Didi Scheme

The ‘Namo Drone Didi scheme,’ launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims to provide drones to 15,000 women Self Help Groups (SHGs) between 2024–2025 and 2025–2026. The goal is for these groups to rent out the drones to farmers for agricultural purposes.

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Key highlights of Drone Didi Scheme
Scheme NameDrone Didi Scheme
Launched byPrime Minister of India
BeneficiariesCitizens of India
BenefitsProviding 15,000 drones to women for learning and operating them for agricultural purposes
ObjectiveEmpowering women in India
Application ModeNot specified
Official SiteYet to be announced
Eligibility criteria
  • Applicants must be female.
  • Applicants should be from lower economic backgrounds.
  • Applicants should be engaged in agricultural activities.
Benefits of Drone Didi Scheme
  • The Indian government actively supports farmers across the nation through various welfare programs. On November 30, Prime Minister Modi introduced the Namo Drone Didi Yojana, aiming to increase women’s participation in the agriculture industry.
  • During the launch, PM Modi engaged with the beneficiaries of the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra and inaugurated the first PM Mahila Kisan Drone Kendra as part of the Drone Didi program.
  • With an investment of Rs. 1261 crore, the central government plans to provide 15,000 drones to women’s self-help groups under the Drone Didi Yojana.
  • The prime minister emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the people’s socio-economic rights, acknowledging their needs. The Drone Didi Yojana is seen as the next step in empowering women through self-help groups, providing more opportunities for employment and self-reliance.
Required Documents
  • Sister of the applicant’s Aadhaar card
  • A passport-sized image of the applicant’s female
  • Account Passbook
  • PAN Card
  • Email address

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Drone Didi Scheme Application Process Online

To apply for the scheme online, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit the official website of the scheme.
  2. The homepage will appear on your screen.
  3. On the dashboard, click on “New Registration” or “Sign Up” or “Apply Online.”
  4. Fill in the necessary details and submit the required documents along with your application.


What is the Drone Didi scheme?

The Drone Didi scheme, introduced by Shri Narendra Modi on November 30, 2023, is designed for women engaged in self-help groups and agriculture. This innovative technology aims to benefit the agriculture industry significantly.

What are the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

To be eligible for the scheme, the applicant must be a woman, belong to lower economic groups, and be actively involved in agricultural activities.

What is the number of beneficiaries?

The scheme plans to provide drones to 15,000 women in Self Help Groups (SHGs) between 2024–2025 and 2025–2026. These drones can then be rented out to farmers for agricultural purposes.

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